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Austin, Texas es el hogar de más de 80 compañías de teatro.
ATX Theatre los reúne para usted.

Video transcript: Live Theatre in Austin is back! Sort of. Due to safety concerns, you can only catch us by streaming live performances, attending an event outside, or in socially distanced seating. But whatever you decide, catch us in the act. ATX Theatre.

Visual/audio description: This video shows clips of actors preparing to take the stage at multiple performance spaces around Austin: Ground Floor Theatre, The Vortex, The Curtain, and ZACH. The video then shows audiences arriving, clips of actors walking out on stage, performing, and taking their bows. There is upbeat music in the background and a man speaks in voice-over. A white man with a beard and spiked hair appears in the lower left corner to interpret the voiceover into ASL.

ATX Theatre Video Production Credits

Creative Director & Executive Producer: Marty Erhart

Producers: Will Douglas, David R. Jarrott, Drew Nebrig

Cinematographer/Editor: Jose Lozano, Magic Spoon Productions

Production Assistance: Joshua Cummins

Copywriter: Paula Wells

Original Music Composed & Performed by: Allen Robertson

Spanish Language Translation: Sebastian Vitale

ASL Translation/Interpretation: Brian Cheslik

Voice Over Artists: Alejandra McGuire, Sebastian Vitale, David R. Jarrott

These videos were shot on location at the following venues with these talented people:

The Curtain Theatre / Coordinators: Lindsay Palinsky & Dale Flatt. On-Camera Talent: Robert Deike, Jonah Fujikawa, Alexander Hiers, Josh Kavanaugh, Jacquelyn Lies, Michael Osborn, Lindsay Palinsky, Laura Trezise.

ZACH Theatre / Coordinators: Drew Nebrig, Austin Brown & Joshua Cummins. On-Camera Talent: Austin Brown, Joshua Cummins, Will Douglas, David R. Jarrott, Christina Austin Lopez, Drew Nebrig, Olivia Nice, Rachel Pallante, Jaston Williams.

Ground Floor Theatre / Coordinators: Patti Neff-Tiven, Lisa Scheps & Simone Alexander. On-Camera Talent: Toby Al-Trabulsi, Simone Alexander, Emily Smith Cordoba, Will Douglas, Kristen Gooch, David R. Jarrott, Marissa Grace Johnson, Jim Lindsay, Cathie Sheridan, Gary Thornsberry.

The VORTEX Theatre / Coordinators: Teresa Cruz, Alex Cogburn & Bonnie Cullum. On-Camera Talent: Hayley Armstrong, Jeremy Rashad Brown, Alex Cogburn, Trey Deason, Kellee Fuller, Johann Mahler, Malyssa Quiles, Victoria Schwarz, Circe Sturm.

Additional performance footage courtesy of the Southwestern University Theatre Department.

ATX Theatre Creative Blueprint Committee: Simone Alexander, Lisa Scheps, Sharron Bower Anderson, Sue Breland, Ann Ciccolella, Brian Cheslik, Marty Erhart, David R. Jarrott, Jenny Lavery & Drew Nebrig.

Thank you to all the volunteers that made these videos possible.

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