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¡USTED puede ampliar el acceso al teatro en vivo!

Cuando usted o su empresa contribuyen a ATX Theatre, está creando un ecosistema donde florece el teatro.
Esperamos tener el estado 501 (c) (3) pronto para que su contribución sea deducible de impuestos. Mientras tanto, ¡ consiga una camiseta !

Esta empresa conjunta centrada en la comunidad * entre muchas ayuda a muchos. Le agradecemos su apoyo.

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By committing small but consistent monthly contributions, Inge and Mary Alice founded The Giving Circle to boost our grass-roots efforts to connect Austinites with live theatre. Join their Circle for as little as $5 per month! All giving levels are deeply appreciated, of course.

THANK YOU, Austin theatre-goers, for standing with your city’s theatre-makers — now unified through ATX Theatre to be more visible, sustainable, and welcoming. We’re so grateful for your support. 

ATX Theatre is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

- - - -   Our Shared Values  - - - - 



We increase Austin’s awareness about our vibrant community’s broad range of work, bolster its appeal, and make accessing it simple and centralized. We listen to each other and to our audiences. We pay attention to constructive and destructive trends in our sector. We strive to include, engage, know and celebrate every theatre artist in Austin — and help audiences do the same. 



We are deeply committed to fostering a sense of belonging within the theatre community and for audiences. We highlight under-appreciated and under-resourced companies and individuals doing important work that reflects these three values. We strive to embody both the compassionate philosophies of anti-racism, equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, AND the actions and policies they require — even when doing so is less than comfortable. 



We support each other across organizational boundaries, sharing resources and information when possible. ATX Theatre board members agree to serve the good of our sector as a whole, rather than one company, in all board activities. We honor all who contribute time, thought, energy and/or tangible resources towards our collective vision.

Our Collective Vision

Theatre-going in Austin is connective, easy & fun. “I can’t wait to go again!”

Theatre-making in Austin is enhancing, sustainable & inclusive. “This is a theatre town.”


You already know that this organization helps you navigate the theatrical possibilities offered in Austin by 80 affiliate theatre companies through consolidated show listings for free! But, there's more happening behind the scenes...


Much of the grass-roots, connective work of this organization is quiet. In addition to show listings, we:

• advocate for our industry and affiliates in civic and creative sector settings — resulting in increased visibility for our sector and more attention on affiliate company needs.

• inform affiliate companies and theatre workers about industry-wide matters of import.
• connect affiliates when resources can be shared or provided from outside sources.
• facilitate affiliate producers finding specific types of theatre workers using the ATX Theatre industry database.

• help newcomers to our town find their people!

• publicize theatre-related job listings, jobs needing creatives/techies, auditions...
• connect theatre workers directly with job opportunities through referrals.
• introduce new venues to theatre producers and guide renters from non-theatre sectors to local spaces.
• connect our members working in other fields to needed theatre industry workers with specialized skills.


For the shows discovered here, for the workers connected here, for good news shared here, for the festive community you find here — to further Austin’s hub for theatregoers & theatremakers, please consider including ATX Theatre in your monthly giving.


ATX Theatre is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts services organization, so you can support our community-centric work with a one-time contribution to soften your tax situation. Or, join the ATX Giving Circle by choosing any amount as a sustaining monthly gift! (Giving Circle members are the first to learn about free ticket offers and are invited to a festive gathering each year. We’d love to see you there.)


We are grateful that you’re in this community. We appreciate your support. Thank you.

* La recaudación de fondos centrada en la comunidad es un modelo de recaudación de fondos que se basa en la equidad y la justicia social. Damos prioridad a toda la comunidad sobre las organizaciones individuales, fomentamos un sentido de pertenencia e interdependencia, presentamos nuestro trabajo no como transacciones individuales sino de manera integral y fomentamos el apoyo mutuo entre organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Fuente:

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