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We seek 4 or 5 trusty volunteers for each audition day. The commitment is 7 hours each day. Having the same team both days is preferred. If you are interested in helping to make this audition run like clockwork, just email us! Thank you.

Who are these auditions for?


This audition is intended to help those hiring local actors to find new and qualified talent. 


They are also intended to help local actors find paying work (or non-paying community theatre work offering experience they want).


Who are these auditions NOT for?

This audition is not intended for businesses that charge actors money for experience, lessons, or advice. No acting schools, consultants, or pay-to-play theatres may attend. To clarify, agents are welcome at these auditions since they help actors find paying work and are only paid when the actor is paid.

They are also not intended for actors living outside of the Austin-metro area. If you are seen at this audition, it will be assumed you are a local hire.

How to register as an audition auditor:

Links for director/producer sign-up were sent in the Affiliate Alert email of 2/12/24. If you did not receive that email — and if you produce or direct theatre in/around Austin, or if you hire for film/tv/
commercials, or
if you are an agent, feel free to request an invitation by emailing us. We'd love to have you there.

More info coming sooN!

More info coming sooN
(closer to april 1 actor sign-up!)

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